We are the industry leaders in luxury permanent Makeup. BeautyBoss DC is run by Celebrity Beauty Advisor Marie Hal, renowned for her high-end permanent makeup transformations.

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Do Guys get Microblading ? 

YES ! Men Microblading is the most natural brows enhancement for men ! If you have sparce brows, uneven brows or No Brows. Men microblading is the most natural facial features enhacement for men.


Want Fuller Brows ? Look Younger ? Brow Lifting without Corrective surgery. Looking for a Soluition for hair loss

Lost your Eyebrows

Men Eyebrow Microblading is the most natural eyeborw enhacement treatment. No matter how little or non-existent your eyebrows are, once the men eyebrow microblading procedure is complete you will have perfectly styled brows that look like your own natural hair!

Drawing your Brows ! Naa

No men wants a makeUp Look

Dealing with missing eyebrows can be difficult and stressful.  Do you feel embarrassed, and retract from social situations ?. Eyebrow microblading not only restores the appearance of eyebrow hair, it restores a sense of self-assurance.

What is Men EyeBrows Microblading

Men Eyebrow Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo that is performed manually with a sterile blade that mimics natural hair strokes

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DC high-end clinic dedicated to the art of Permanent Make Up. BeautyBoss aims to transform the industry by building a reputation for the highest standard of luxury Permanent Makeup.

We are the industry leaders in luxury treatments. BeautyBoss DC is run by Celebrity Beauty Advisor Marie Hal, renowned for her high-end permanent makeup transformations. BeautyBoss team of world-class technicians dedicated to delivering the absolute best in permanent makeup, microblading, and beauty treatments.


$ 1500

1st TouchUp included

  • No Dow Time
  • Treatment Duration : 2-3 hrs
  • Lasts up to 18 month
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Men EyeBrows Microblading is very specialised - few artists worldwide are qualified Choose the best in US -


If you have been dealing with missing eyebrows and are looking for a way to bring them back and to look great again, please call us at 202 344 9965 for a complimentary consultation. We are conveniently located in Westfield Montgomery Mall

Best Male Eyebrow Microblading Experience

Most Natural Microblading experience. The brows play a very important role in accentuating facial features and improving the overall aesthetics of one’s face. This isn’t just true for women. Many men have strong jawlines, bold eyes or other facial characteristics that benefit from having incredible eyebrows to match. Microblading can even reshape brows that are lackluster or solely fill in the sparse areas of an existing brow.


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