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A Simple Step-by-Step Microblading Training course that will train you in The Latest and Most Natural Microblading Technique, plus How to open and own a successful microblading business! as well as how to ...

  • Create a customized eyebrow shape for each unique face
  • Achieve the best color retention
  • Build a successful microblading business with constant flow of high paying customers
  • Earn hundreds of dollars per hour
  • Get Certified with the Prestigious Phibrows Microblading Certification 
  • Become an expert in color mixing & fixing old tattoo

Many Students Just Like You Are Either...


- Stuck in a job you don't love?

- Don't know how to create a microblading business the right way?

- Uncertain about how to get microblading customers?

The Problem is : Will You be confident enough to do a good job and stand out from your competition ?

  • How about your License ?
  • How to price your services?
  • How about Getting Models?
  • And how to Get Microblading Clients?


Start with the right ACADEMY

Do not pay twice. Learn from other's mistakes choose the right Academy the first time.

No Experience needed ! Our Comprehensive BoldBrows Microblading training will equip you with all the skills to start your microblading career.


Our Microblading Training Course Is Created So That People Just Like You ...


Who aren't artists, don't know marketing and have no prior experience .. 

Can easily follow a step-by-step system to open their own successful microblading business!

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Here is exactly What You Will Get when you Enroll in our 2 Days Live Microblading Training:


#1: You Will Get

2 Days Live Microblading Training

Theory and hands on practice on latex and Work on Live models . Get Training Certificate.


#2: You Will Get

6 Month advanced Online Support

Training is followed by 6 month online support program and step by step learning

#3: You Will Get

Premium Microblading Training Kit 

All the tools needed to start working on your clients. Kit can serve up to 80 clients.


#4: You Will Get

Additional Shading Course

Learn shading technique combined with Microblading so you can add additional treatments to your services


#5: You Will Get

Eyebrows Measuring App

Is the perfect solution for easy and accurate eyebrow measurements. With its simple and efficient user experience, you can achieve the perfect symmetry

#6: You Will Get

Color Calculator App

 Perfect Mixing Color System to help you choose the correct color based on your client's tones. Color theory will never be confusing again!

#7: You Will Get

Skin Expert Course (Unlimited access)

You will learn about skin all conditions, contradictions and contraindications.


#8: You Will Get

Hygiene Course (Unlimited Access)

 The course will help you acquire the key hygiene skills required by top microblading Artists. You get lifetime access!

#9: You Will Get

2 Marketing Courses

"Get more clients" course and "First Class service" Course will help you attract the constant flow of clients and maintain best class client service

#10: Even More

PHYSICAL Microblading

Training Manual


All students will also get a Physical Microblading Booklet Guide for BoldBrows, with all the requires information and training materials


#11: You Will Get

International Certificate 


After a 2-day microblading training course, students stay in daily contact with the Academy via CraftMaster App where they upload their work and pass levels, to obtain their certificates. Certified students will :Be placed on PhiAcademy World Map and Will get a BoldBrows certificate and a PhiAcademy logo

#12: You Will Get

PhiAcademy Doctor (lifetime Online Support)

On the app to answer any questions or concerns about your clients skin problems. This Invaluable support especially for New Microblading artists facing their clients for the first time.


See What Our

2 Day Live Microblading Class Looks Like

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Day 1

Theoretical part: How to prepare the client, what BOLDBROWS course includes, a course on hygiene, color theory, face anatomy, appropriate care after treatment and practice on latex.

Day 2

Practical Part: Work on Live Models, how to prepare your Station, practical Hygiene training


Get In Class Experience

 During the live training students are in class working directly with PhiAcademy Certified Trainer. Classes consist of direct instruction, observation and closely guided skill building practice. Students build confidence and gain tools to master the new skills

Work On Live Models

Each Students will have the opportunity to practice on live models under direct supervision from Master Marie Hal with guided support. Each student will get his/her own time practicing under the trainer guidance. This is essential part of the 2 -days live training

Learn My Microblading Secrets

Students will get a chance to closely observe Master Marie Hal's work on models and will be given the opportunity to ask as many questions as possible and learn by sharing Master Marie's microblading secrets.



Tania C.

"I 100% recommend this academy , come in and chase your dreams and learn the best Technique."


Rosana G.

"I attended a Bold Brows PhiAcademy class, instructed by Master Marie Hal - "Beauty Boss". My experience was exactly what I'd hoped it would be and I'm excited to share that Marie's professionalism, expertise and style of teaching exceeded my expectations! I look forward to attending more classes in the future, and am grateful for a much satisfying beginning. ✨️."

Paige D.

"Amazing microblading training! Can’t wait to further my career as a brow artist with Marie’s techniques."


It Doesn't Stop there!

Gain Future International Opportunities of Growth

and Join More than 50,000 WorldWide Artists from 


Chance to Become A recognised World Microblading Master Trainer

Master Trainer

Marie Hal - BeautyBoss USA Founder

About Marie Hal

Marie Hal - Founder and Owner BeautyBoss USA, PhiAcademy  BoldBrows Craft Master Trainer


Well renowned in the PMU world. She has inspired and trained hundreds of artists and performed thouthands of treatments. Marie prepares Pageantry misses for Miss USA appearances, she has worked on faces of Miss United states Miss VA USA, Miss New York USA, Miss Maryland USA.


"As a successful Beauty Entrepreneur and a former Computer Engineer, I will share my experience and expertise with you to help you make the same successful career change and become a beauty industry professional. Join me on this Journey and let me guide you towards success" - Marie Hal . 

Best Time To Start Your New Career !


Join the Biggest Beauty Academy - In the World


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Among Master Marie Hal's Trusted Pageantry misses: Miss United States, Miss VA USA, Miss New York USA, Miss Maryland USA.

Christina Thompson

Miss Virginia USA 2021

Mariela Pepin

Miss Maryland USA 2021

Andromeda Peters

Miss United States

Susie Evans

Miss Virginia USA The Bachelor Star

Our Craft Master-Led Microblading Classes are designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to become a microblading PRO


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6 Figures Income is achievable

Don't Khow Where to Start Yet ?

No previous experience is necessary.

Whether you are a permanent makeup artist or a complete beginner we will give you all the training and tools you need to become a successful Microblading Artist. If you feel you can do more, break the chain and join the wave!

Start earning what you deserve today ! Microbladers can earn an average of $200 per hour and are in high demand. 

Get Marie Hal's FREE Step By Step Microblading Video

Watch my Full microblading Process Video for FREE !


Choose among Live or Online Training Options


$ 3500

PREMIUM KIT (For Beginners)

  • 2 Days Live Training
  • Live Model Practice
  • BoldBrows Premium Kit (up to 80 clients)
  • 4 Bonus Courses
  • Listing on World Map
  • PhiAcademy Certificate
  • + 6 month Online Support
  • Dr Phi Lifetime Support 
  • Possibility to Progress with PhiAcademy
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$ 2800

STANDARD KIT (for experienced artists)

  • 2 Days Live Training
  • Live Model Practice
  • BoldBrows Standard  Kit (up to 40 clients)
  • 4 Bonus Courses
  • Listing on World Map
  • PhiAcademy Certificate
  • + 6 month Online Support
  • Dr Phi Lifetime Support 
  • Possibility to Progress with PhiAcademy
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$ 2200


  • Online Training
  • BoldBrows Premium Kit (up to 80 clients)
  • 4 Bonus Courses
  • Listing on World Map
  • PhiAcademy Certificate
  • + 6 month Online Support
  • Dr Phi Lifetime Support 
  • Possibility to Progress with PhiAcademy
  • Join Live Class Any time (pay the difference)
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